vrijdag 18 april 2014

friday favorites #114

a collection of lovely things found throughout the week
DIY Cross Stitch Necklace Kit - Bamboo with Antique Flower Pattern - Scalloped
DIY Cross Stitch Necklace kit - RedGateStitchery
Midcentury Easter Print - Mid Century Modern Bunny Rabbit Wall Art Print - Nursery Art - Woodland Boho Spring Decor - Kids Room Art Print
Easter print - Alphonnsine
FIY Kroonuppe: paper ceiling cup
Paper ceiling cup - Studio Snowpuppe
Felted Egg Warmer - Felted Egg Cozy - Egg Hat - Easter Decor - Quantity 1
Felted Egg Warmer - Mixxxit
Envelope cookie cutter, 3D printed
Envelope cookie cutter - Printmeneer

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